West Hollywood, CA

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Famous for its unique vibrant shops, restaurants, schools, and outgoing residents, West Hollywood's distinctive charm lies within its progressive roots. Recently, this socially minded population adopted one of the nation's first mandatory green building acts, as well as banning handgun sales and restricting the city from doing business with any country known to violate human rights. With its high level of consciousness and care, West Hollywood's diverse homes and inviting atmosphere make it a great place to live for everyone from young singles to families.

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  • The indigenous people of what is now West Hollywood were the Tongva Indian tribe.

  • At one time the Sunset Tower at 8358 Sunset Boulevard was home to Frank Sinatra, Errol Flynn, the Gabor sisters, John Wayne and Howard Hughes.

  • The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is the largest Halloween street party in the US with more than 350,000 people in attendance annually.