North East Los Angeles, CA

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With trendy shops, galleries, bars and restaurants lining nearly every street, North East LA (NELA) has built a reputation as a mecca for artists and trendsetters. In recent years, many homebuyers have become attracted to the area as its eclectic modern touches seamlessly fit with its historic roots and stunning, unique architecture. Notable residents of the area include Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio and artist Carlos Almaraz. Through its gorgeous open-spaces that enlighten, restaurants that enliven and many art-walks that inspire, NELA is simply one of the best and most exciting places to live in the entire United States.

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  • Highland Park is one of the oldest settled areas in all of Los Angeles, with Galco’s Soda Pop Stop being family owned and operated for over 100 years.

  • Eagle Rock is named after a large rock formation that resembles an eagle with its wings outstretched.

  • As part of the New Deal-era Public Works of Art Project, local artist Ada May Sharpless sculpted the Lady of the Lake statue in 1934 that resides in Echo Park.