KW Cares in Action

In good times and bad, we're there for one another.

After all, that's the KW way and why when Diana Hart fell on hard times, we rallied around her.

As a young agent, Diana joined our team three years ago and quickly took real estate by storm. After being voted Rookie of the Year and establishing herself as a valued team member, she was poised to continue her great work. Unfortunately, this past year Diana had an unforeseen setback.

She was in sudden need of hip replacement surgery that took many by surprise, including herself because of her young age. Making matters worse, she couldn't afford the $5,000 deductible required for the surgery. We knew we had to help.

By creating the HART TO HEART initiative and fundraising on her behalf, we were able to raise the deductible for her, solely from donations from fellow agents within the office. Certainly a great result, but we know we could still do more. That's why we reached out to KW Cares International. After informing them of Diana's situation they stepped up big time, offering $12,000 to help pay her bills while she recouped and recovered.

I am happy to report that Diana has been back to work since January and is doing great!

We couldn't be more thrilled for her continued success and for the camaraderie, empathy and support that our team members show day in and day out. We win together!