Giving Back Big

At KW Los Feliz, we're proud to lead the way and cultivate an environment that puts service and duty first. After all, charity is the heart of Keller Williams culture in action and is never far from our mind. In fact, we're always looking for new way to expand our efforts.

That's why team members, Deirdre and Terry -- of the L34 Real Estate Group -- recently started a wonderful campaign for feeding the homeless.

Every Thursday, they gather a group of around thirty volunteers at their home to help cook over 100 meals. Once they do so, they head out to Highland Park to personally distribute some wholesome, home-cooked food to those who need it most.

Though this large undertaking may be demanding, the rewards are driven by the innate urge to make a difference and give back to the less fortunate.

We couldn't be more proud of the care and ambition of Dierdre, Terry, their volunteers, as well as so many other KW team members that speak to the true nature of what we care about most -- serving others any way we can.

One day at a time. One meal at a time. We're here for each other, our community, and to better the world. That's KW.