Katrina Wooten

Do you want a real estate experience that involves minimal stress and offers maximum value?

Before you make one of the biggest financial moves of your life, we need to talk. 

My name is Katrina Wooten, and I am committed to helping people achieve their goals through the buying and selling of real estate. I have the expertise to make your next real estate venture both positive and profitable.

As a realtor, I know that buying or selling a home is more than just a business transaction for my clients. It’s a life-changing event that takes top priority. Providing exceptional service with a personable approach assures my clients that their move is my top priority as well.

I not only approve deals, but leverage my ability to forge relationships directly with land sellers to source entitlement deals and finished lot that we closed on, at every stage of the development process.

I drive portfolio growth, leveraging my experience in valuation and asset management to guide the executive decision-making and pursue opportunities that meets strict investment criteria.

If you have a home to sell or are in the market for a new property, connect with me today.


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