Karl Markarian

Karl Markarian is more than just a real estate agent. As an international property developer with a legendary track record of success around the globe in both residential and commercial ventures, Karl has paired his high acumen for exceptional real estate results with an unparalleled level of customer service, attention, and care.

Growing up in Toronto, Karl's immersion in a wide variety of cultures only accelerated into adulthood through living and working overseas, traveling to forty-three different countries and learning to speak four different languages (English, French, Armenian, Farsi).

After graduating from York University with a BA in Business Administration and successfully establishing several retail businesses in the Toronto area, Karl began his initial foray into real estate, building luxury homes in his hometown.

Quickly establishing himself as a growing force in real estate, Karl brought his expertise to the world stage by relocating to Dubai. From working locally with Re-Max to starting his own company, Mondo Real Estate, he helped mold the landscape of this burgeoning market by developing some of the most luxurious residential and commercial properties in the entire world.

Today, after completing over $25 million in real estate transactions and owning properties across three continents, Karl has turned his focus on creating similar success for his clients. His in-depth and first-hand experience of all types of real estate allows him to not only thoroughly understand his client's motivations, but to maximize their opportunities as well as the results...

and he's excited to do the same for you.



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BRE# : 01932970