Jerry & Rachel Hsieh 

How do you measure success in Real Estate? Is it by company achievement? Number of successfully completed transactions? Having lists of satisfied clients who praise your work ethic? Or is it this realization: There is ultimately a deeper, more profound impact that supersedes all of this.

In the past 10 years in real estate and at the age of 36, Jerry has had the good fortune of experiencing all of this at some point and has established himself as one of the premiere AWARD WINNING Realtors in the industry. Jerry began his career at Coldwell Banker with incredible heat: He was named the top “rookie” agent his inaugural year with over $4.5 million dollars listed and/or sold (Most 1st year agents don’t complete any transactions). Since then, his real estate career has been non-stop and he has quickly become the realtor that other young realtors talks about. In 2010, in a down market, Jerry and Rachel sold 24 homes within a 1 mile radius of the Pico/Fairfax area. They have sold over 50 homes in the Picfair Area in the past 4 years, more than any other realtor. From 2011 until now, Jerry and Rachel’s Team has grown, as has Jerry’s experience and expertise.

Since 2012, Jerry & Rachel have sold over 150 homes in the 2 mile radius of they serve, and over 50 additional homes from Pasadena to Woodland Hills. Every year since 2010, Jerry and Rachel have earned Double Gold Medal Award recognition as well as PLATINUM realtor status from Keller Williams Realtor, symbolizing the highest levels of performance in the company. Because of their production, Jerry & Rachel have developed real estate experience exceeding the average realtor having 25 years of sales.

Currently, Jerry and his family own and invest in multiple properties yearly and focus specifically in the heart of Los Angeles (Miracle Mile. The Grove, Pico Area, Mid-City, Larchmont Village). His family has owned both residential and income properties in Picfair Village, and helps both buyers and sellers, especially around the 90019, 90035, 90036, and 90016 zip codes. They have also developed, re-built, and redesigned a number of homes in those areas.

Still, with all Jerry and Rachel have experienced in the past 9 years, they realize this simple fact: Success in a worldly sense means nothing when compared with the potential positive impact you can make on each client. “One thing is very clear to me. I understand that though the transaction may take only several months, we’re talking about a change that will possibly shape the next 20 years of my clients life. Having clients who are happy and express that they appreciate the care I put into our relationship is what motivates me at the end of the day.”

Jerry’s clients feel rewarded as well, knowing that the results he achieves are a result of hard work and a sincere attitude:

“Jerry and Rachel, there was nothing you could have done to improve the home search process. You and your team were incredibly accessible. I don’t think there was a time I called where you didn’t answer. Never once in the whole process did you try to steer me in a way to get the deal done quicker. You never tried to disguise a home as better than it was. This approach I believe is a huge asset to someone in your position.”

And if you’re curious about the perspective that drives him, here is what Jerry had to say: “Transaction after transaction, I realized that I was putting a lot more care and effort into the entire process than an “average” agent. There needs to be genuine motivation in all of this. If you’re just driven by sales volume, trophies and a “get the deal done fast” mentality, your clients aren’t dumb. They see this.I’m aware of the negative stereotypes, but a driving force for me is that I am pro-actively seeking to set myself apart through my level of care and commitment to the entire process. I’m going to be different, and I will make the difference.”

Jerry and Rachel are blessed to be ongoing supporters of God’s Love We Deliver,a charity very close to their hearts that provides support to people living with HIV and AIDS.

Jerry & Rachel Hsieh. Hundreds of Homes SOLD. Hundreds of HAPPY Clients!


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