Diane McDonald

Diane McDonald...

is a Real Estate Consultant with over 25 Years experience selling houses, condos and small residential income properties in greater Los Angeles. The majority of Diane's business is from repeat and referral clients, and she is known for being proficient in many different areas of the city.

Before becoming a Realtor, Diane worked in L.A. and Washington, D.C. in feature film development, production, distribution and exhibition. While working at Paramount Pictures she bought her first house in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, which made her realize the value of a good Realtor. She decided to change careers, starting part time at first. When her first client referred her to her second client who referred her to her third, she knew she'd found her calling.

One of her first buyer clients said, "You're nothing like what we imagined a Realtor to be. We like you because you don't have long red fingernails, you don't drive a Mercedes, and you don't mind going under the house with us to check things out."

Diane did ultimately get a fancier car, though she still doesn't wear red nail polish very often. She's listed many homes over the years, represented many buyers, and still, over 20 years later, she loves what she does.  She believes there's nothing better than helping someone move from one stage to another, whether it's helping to sell a cherished home or valued investment property, or to find a first or second home.

Diane's most recent client said: "You're confident, you have a sense of calm, and you're so knowledgeable. I'm really looking forward to working with you." As she has done for so many clients before, she would appreciate the opportunity to roll up her sleeves, get dirt under her fingernails, and help YOU.

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