Bryan Miyamoto

 Before establishing his venerable track record of helping his clients buy and sell everything from condos to ultra luxury homes, Bryan grew up in Wakayama, Japan, where his mother and father were both real estate agents. After moving to the US to attend college, Bryan followed the family pedigree and focused on building a career in real estate. In the beginning, Bryan had started in Los Angeles with nothing. He didn’t know anyone nor did he know where to start. But nothing was exactly what gave him the creative, determined drive he’s now cultivated to make anything happen.

Soon after, Bryan’s prowess and success caught the eye of many within the industry, leading him to be featured on first season of Bravo TV’s, Million Dollar Listing. In the years since, he’s continued to work with every type of real estate and maintained his ability to create immaculate results for his clients.

After 12 years in the industry, Bryan knows what it takes to get any deal closed. His persistence, dedication, and approachable demeanor make it easy to understand why so many people, including many celebrity clients, seek his services time and time again. Bryan will stop at nothing to help his clients reach their dreams.