Bill Bowersock 

Growing up in Kansas City, I thought I was going to be an architect. I loved artistry and creating things. I envisioned building beautiful houses, but after graduating from Kansas University with a degree in music and moving to Los Angeles in 1968 I built something else - a music career. I worked as a singer/songwriter for fifteen years, composing everything from hit songs to feature film soundtracks.

Still, my love for homes and design stayed near. My partner and I scraped together $1,500 and bought our first home in 1973. Having a beautiful home to furnish deepened my passion for interior design. I began buying and selling modernist furnishings, photographs, and paintings. I always had a great sense for real estate, and even after officially starting my career fifteen years ago, I love it more each day.

I quickly discovered music and selling real estate aren’t very far apart. They’re both about seeing your essence represented in a more tangible form. The best part of real estate is sharing that magical moment when I get to hand someone the keys to their dream home. Looking back, I realize I did become the architect I envisioned - An architect of finding gorgeous homes for wonderful people.




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BRE# 01319907