Beverly Hills, CA

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Home to the most famous zip code in the entire country (90210), Beverly Hills is the quintessential definition of ultra luxury. Boasting fine dining, outdoor activities and extravagant shopping experiences, aligning historic Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills' remains a prime location for premier family living. Additionally, given the size of many homes in the area, the population density is one of the lowest in the county. With standout public and private schools amidst an engaging, beautiful backdrop, it comes as little surprise that Beverly Hills has always been home to more famous residents than possibly any other city in the world.

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  • Before it had a name, Beverly Hills used to be home to one of the largest lima bean fields in California.

  • Landscape architect, Wilbur Cook, designed and planned the entire city's look and layout to resemble a garden, filled with parks and trees.

  • Beverly Hills is surrounded by Los Angeles but has never been an official part of it.